Kirill Alexandrovich Kovalev

DevOps, IT specialist, Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation



Internet technology specialist with experience in corporate, media and institutional IT infrastructure from ~2010.

Occasionally work as a freelancer since 2009. Relatively deep dive into Linux world occured at ~2012.

Can easily deploy a server, configure a load balancer, automate IT department boring routines while drinking a cup of tea.


Professional skills

System Administrator

Mostly familiar with Debian-based distros. Detected and replaced hundreds of faulty hardware items. Developed few light-weight distributed monitoring systems to keep hand on pulse of company (or client) infrastructure.


Experienced with Ansible as deploy engineer. Сontinuous integration with TeamCity (also Jenkins).

Technical support

Very friendly. From 1500 to 3000 thousands of replies were given to customers every month at the positions of technical support and head of technical support department. Overall score (calculated based on customers feedback) never dropped below 4.9 out of 5.

Technologies familiar with

All ordered from well-known to rarely used.

  • Languages: Python, Bash

  • OS: Debian since 6, Ubuntu since 14.04, a little bit of CentOS 6/7

  • Web:

    • Nginx: reverse-proxy, TLS, balancing, php-fpm, little bit of maps
    • Apache: used to run LAMP, know difference between prefork/worker/event MPMs
    • Caddy: this page powered by this server
    • Other web stuff: can build web interface with Bootstrap, Jinja2 and Flask
  • Databases: Redis, MongoDB, InfluxDB, MySQL (+ Percona XtraDB), SQLite, RethinkDB

  • Balancing: Haproxy, ~200k RPS to 50+ workers

  • Config Management:

    • Ansible - hosts and services setup, apps deploy, dynamic inventories
    • Salt, Chef - editing existing recipes
  • CI/CD:

    • Teamcity, Jenkins - agents setup, code deploy, administration, resolving issues
    • Travis CI - couple of simple deploy scenarios for private projects
  • Monitoring:

    • TICK stack - setup from scratch, full infrastructure and services monitoring
    • ELK stack - logs aggregation
    • Munin - basic monitoring while there's no more complex solutions
    • Zabbix - editing existing alert policies
  • Virtualization:

    • Docker - deploying apps to dev/staging with docker-compose
    • LXC/LXD - just great containers, deploy, non-live migrations
    • OpenVZ - used until 2015, especially in hosting
    • Virtualbox - occasionally used as simple solution for persistent setups
  • RAID:

    • software: mdadm, btrfs (it provides simple RAID-like features)
    • hardware: Adaptec, 3ware, LSI
  • Misc: dnsmasq, OpenVPN, TOR, etc


Linux SA / DevOps at Roxot (2016 - 2017)

Roxot is an Advertising network

  • Entered company as first operations engineer
  • Built and maintained staging and production infrastructure of ~300 virtual hosts
  • Built monitoring system with TICK (InfluxDB) stack and logs aggregation with ELK stack
  • Almost every host, service and project was covered with Ansible code
  • Wrote API to manage local fake domain zone
  • Was deeply integrated into development team
  • Acted as helpdesk specialist for most of colleagues

Quit cause of reaching company tech ceiling.

Project Technical Lead / Python backend engineer at FastVPS (2016)

FastVPS is a Hosting Provider with data-center in Estonia

  • Developed distributed monitoring service based on RethinkDB, RabbitMQ and local Python agent daemons and alerts detection
  • Form project's technical and business requirements and descriptions
  • Build infrastructure from the zero to production-ready state
  • Performed few load testings to prove ability to serve up to 10-50k clients

Sadly, project was never released.

Linux SA / DevOps at e4e5group (2015)


  • Deploy CI system over the existing infrastructure
  • Wrote Ansible playbooks to manipulate sets of virtual boxes and setting up various Erlang services

Unfortunately, company has been closed due to business reasons.

Linux SA at Yandex (2014 - 2015)

Yandex is lead Russian Federation web-search engine.

  • Developed and integrated semi-automated system of crash dumps collection & delivery
  • Actively participated at the migration from Salt to Ansible
  • Deep co-working with developers to resolve any deploy-related issue
  • Monitoring of 600+ hosts, virtual and real
  • Faulty disks replacements, DNS zone control, escalation of network problems

Quit cause of poor internal communications.

Head of Technical Support department at FastVPS (2012-2014)

FastVPS is a Hosting Provider with data-centers at Estonia and Germany.

Started as junior support specialist at 2012. Was promoted to senior specialist at 2013. Elected to promotion to head of department by colleagues at 2014.

As technical support specialist:

  • Deploy of software on bare-metal servers
  • Hotfixing software issues
  • Diagnosing and replacing hardware on clients request (remote basis)
  • Almost any task client could ask to do

As head of department:

  • Resolving difficult technical issues, conflict situations
  • Represented the company at the thematics forum
  • Interviewing applicants
  • Compiling working schedule, vacations

Quit due to reaching upper limit for this position.

Technical Support specialist at Yota (~2011/2012)

Technical Support specialist at local ISP (~2010)

Projects participated

  • Synergy, software IP-KVM (2015)

    • Localization, PR article
  •, gaming portal (~2010)

    • Integrated server monitoring scripts in PHP
    • Wrote few gaming-related articles


  • 2009 - 2011: IT in Education specialist, Herzen University
  • 2007 - 2009: Physics and Optics specialist, ITMO University


  • Russian - mother language
  • English - huge reading and writing experience, but lacks live communications


  • Cinema
  • Space
  • Weekend IT-related projects